Mobile Lice Treatment and Removal in Milton

Having lice, or dealing with a loved one who has lice, is frustrating beyond compare. These clever insects spread quickly, lay hundreds of eggs, and if not treated, can become a major health problem. But that’s where we come in. You can trust us to deal with any of your lice issues in Milton, GA with a quick call to 770.776.7913.

Lice Happens proudly serves:

Expert Lice Removal Care

Here at Lice Happens, we care about our customers. Our mobile removal services bring the effectiveness of any lice salon treatment to the comfort of your home. In addition to easy scheduling, this provides you with privacy and confidentiality.

We train and certify our personnel to protect the safety of our customers. They use only the most trusted treatment and prevention products, which are all pesticide-free and eco-friendly. We promise with our service, complete safety for you, your children, and your pets.

Not only do we treat lice infestations, but we also educate our clients on how to prevent recurrences of lice in the household. We provide both urgent care and longstanding protection to our valued clients. Call us today @ 770.776.7913 .

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You can also call us on our 24-hour LiceLine at 770.776.7913 or email us at for more information.