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Mobile Lice Treatment and Removal for Marietta

Mobile lice removal from Lice Happens is now available to those living in Marietta and surrounding areas. With this service, you can now be assured of a no fuss, effective treatment for lice infestation in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Lice is a difficult-to-treat problem. For parents, families, and individuals, it presents a challenge as they struggle to contain the infestation and treat while preventing it from spreading to other people in the household or at the workplace. With the stigma associated with lice infestation, it quickly becomes understandable why many people don’t seek public lice treatment immediately or try over the counter treatments that rarely work and can be hazardous to you or your children’s health.

This is where Lice Happens for Marietta comes in.

Lice Happens uses a natural approach to removing lice and nits. From traditional methods such as combing hair, to using safe and natural lice treatment lotions, many methods are combined to offer the best results. All lice treatment is offered by certified technicians, who understand hygiene, health, and safety issues.

Lice Happens offers 100% guaranteed services. We offer urgent lice care to our client’s homes so you don’t have to face the embarrassment of disclosing the problem to salon staff or outsiders.

Lice Happens proudly serves:

Discreet In Home Service for Marietta

Lice Happens is a professional, mobile lice removal and treatment salon that provides both effective and fast treatment for lice removal in Marietta, all in the comfort of your own home.

Call us @ 770.776.7913 to schedule an appointment.

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