Lice Removal Buckhead

Lice Happens is a proud provider of mobile lice removal services for Buckhead, GA.

Lice removal services that are safe and 100% guaranteed so that you can return to your daily life, free from lice. Our goal is to make sure that you are provided with a safe, non-toxic removal method to end your current problems with lice right in the comfort of your own home. Our mobile lice removal specialists are both professionally trained and certified.

Need help right away? You can contact us seven days a week at 770.776.79133 for in-home head lice and nit removal services for Buckhead, GA.

Our Lice Removal Services for Buckhead:

We provide a variety of services to customers in the Buckhead area including lice and nit screenings for family members. Our lice removal services are meticulous and effectively remove lice and their eggs from the scalp with eco-friendly, pesticide-free, all natural lice treatment products.

We come to your home to provide discreet and confidential head lice removal treatments for you and your family. Follow up treatments can be scheduled to increase prevention of re-infestation.

Our main goal? Education. Families are encouraged to contact us to learn about lice prevention.
If you are interested in any of the services that we provide to Buckhead, GA including urgent care for head lice removal, mobile lice removal, or prevention education, please contact us 770.776.7913. See our home page for more information.

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You can also call us on our 24-hour LiceLine at 770.776.7913 or email us at for more information.