Lice Happens in Brookhaven

We understand all the problems that come with having lice in your household. It’s annoying, frustrating, and confusing to try and deal with them by yourself. But, if you call us, you won’t have to! Lice Happens promises urgent care to everyone in need of lice removal in Brookhaven, GA. Just give us a quick call at 770.776.7913 and we’ll be there.

Safe and Confidential Lice Care and Treatment

Our comprehensive lice removal services surpass the effectiveness of lice salons with the added benefit of taking place in your own home. Our mobile nature provides customers with safety, privacy, and confidentiality: three things we value greatly. Our trained professionals use only eco-friendly and pesticide-free lice treatment techniques to remove lice and their eggs.

The safety of you, your children, and the rest of your family is our top priority. Not only are our services 100% guaranteed, but we also provide all our clients with education on how to prevent future problems with lice in the household.

If you live in Brookhaven, GA and need help with your lice problems, schedule a visit from us at 770.776.7913. Visit our homepage for more info!

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You can also call us on our 24-hour LiceLine at 770.776.7913 or email us at for more information.