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Lice Removal Service in Alpharetta GA. Serving all of Atlanta and surrounding areas

Lice Happens is the premier lice removal service in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our lice treatment specialists not only screen and treat all family members for head lice, we also provide training on how to prevent head lice infestations in the future. Lice Happens provides an effective, non-toxic method for manually removing head lice and nits. If you’re interested in safe, all natural head lice treatment in the Metropolitan Atlanta area, we’re ready to dispatch one of our certified, professional Lice Treatment Specialists to the comfort and privacy of your own home. Contact us 7 days a week at 770.776.7913for in-home head lice and nit removal services in Alpharetta, GA.

What We Do

We use a comprehensive approach to our lice removal services, combining thorough, meticulous combing of the hair with our effective, non-toxic products to remove lice and their eggs. Lice Happens mobile lice service professionals provide effective, safe manual removal of head lice and nits comfortably in the privacy of your own home. Our discreet head lice removal service provides the confidentiality and ease that a salon cannot. Our goal is to safely and effectively rid your family of head lice and get your life back to normal. All of our services are 100% guaranteed.

Discreet In-Home Service

Lice Happens professional mobile lice service provides effective and efficient head lice removal and treatment in the privacy of your own home. No dragging everyone to a salon! Our lice removal services are confidential and discreet.

If you live in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area and need mobile lice removal services, call us today to schedule an appointment 770.776.7913.

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